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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Vintage Campers

Do you ever yearn to hit the open road?  To carry your house on your back, and live a little like a gypsy?  I'm not sure if I'm yearning for a gypsy lifestyle, or just yearning for warm sunny weather, but I've been drooling over these vintage campers lately.  I guess I'm not the only one -- there is actually a magazine devoted to these beauties!

There are even blogs devoted to fixing up and selling vintage campers!

 AND, there are vintage camper vacation rentals!

It's been snowing/ raining/ sleeting all week and the PNW has turned into a giant ice skating rink, so the idea of glamping by a riverside sounds especially nice right now...

Hitting the road on a summer day, and stopping for an impromptu roadside picnic... it sounds sounds heavenly....
photos: Erin McDonald

Peering out my window,  I notice a neighbor, holding ski poles and wearing ice skates, making her way down the sidewalk.  I'm not feeling so ambitious.  I think I will throw another log on the fire, and dream of summer....