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Friday, January 20, 2012

Television Gallery Walls

We've been trying to decide where we want to put our televisions in the  beach house reno and in our marina condo reno.   For now, the television sits on top of a cardboard box in the beach house, and the one in the condo sits on a folding table....  We're definitely living the beautiful life!

via Atlanta Homes Mag

I love the idea of  blending the TV into a gallery wall.  In the image above, the composition is anchored with a mirrored dresser.  Similar gold finishes unify a variety of frame types and echo the hardware on the dresser. Overlapping the lampshade with the wall composition, pulls the vignette together, as does the amber color of the glass lamp base.

A floating console anchors the gallery wall shown below.  Most of the frames are sleek and black, like the television, but a few are more ornate or more rustic, for variety.  Again, items on the console overlap the gallery wall to create a more unified and pleasing vignette.

I love that the screen saver on this TV references the black and white photography on the living room wall!


In this eclectic and fun living room, the TV sits on the bookcase that anchors the wall arrangement.

via Apartment Therapy

Here, the entire vignette sits on the bookcases and is framed by sculptural tree silhouettes.

from Room Remix via Tip Junkie

How fun is this wall?  I love that it is playful and funky. 

 In case you thought that a television couldn't be elegant, this gorgeous display should change your mind!

Here's another gorgeous and elegant interior with a gallery TV wall.

The amazing new flatscreen TVs have opened up so many possibilities!  They don't need to be giant black holes, and they don't need to be tucked away in cabinets anymore (although you certainly can do that)! 

How do you display your television?  Do you have a gorgeous gallery wall, or a not-so-lovely cardboard box, or something else entirely?

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  1. Our gigantic (to me!) flat screen hangs on the wall looking as though it is built into the IKEA Liatorp series, exactly like in this link, which is easier than looking for a photos in my files! The only difference is that our TV is hung on the wall which has been painted white to look like the back of the cabinet, and we opted against the glass doors on the uppers. I love it.

  2. ...just checked the link, and it works - but it looks like a dog's breakfast, doesn't it?

  3. Oh wow, this is just what I have been pondering. We got a new flat screen TV last week. Out with the old gigantic entertainment center. Now how to address all the new found wall space. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. All are such great ways if working that ever so necessary TV into the decor! Dropping by to thank you for stopping by 21 Rosemary Lane and leaving your comment there. They are always well appreciated.


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