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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Reading Nooks and Window Seats or "When Life Gives You Lemons," and a Feature

Before I share a beach house update, I must give a shout out to Tamara, from Etcetorize.  Tamara is amazingly creative, and so it was such an honor to find House Revivals had been featured on her blog!  She gave the nicest review.  Thank you, Tamara!

In a post a week or so ago I mentioned some design changes to our beach house renovation.  It happens on most projects, and sometimes it's easier to roll with the changes than others.  One of our design changes involves the street side deck of the house's third level loft.

It's this funny little deck above the main entrance of the house.  If you exit the house onto the deck, you can actually go through another door and enter the funny little attic spaces over the garage wing that I talked about here. 

It's kind of a funky little area, but everyone always enjoys discovering a completely different part of the house.

Well, the deck is leaking.  When you get 67 inches of rain combined with wind every winter, water finds its way in through every little crevice.  It appears water is being blown into the house around the edges of the doors.  For years water has seeped down the interior of a hallway wall from this leak.  When I was stripping all that grass cloth a couple of weeks ago, I discovered how bad the damage was.

After a heart to heart with my contractor, we made the decision to enclose that deck.  We could replace the doors and thresholds and repair the wall, but those would be band-aid solutions.  We need to get aggressive about keeping the water out.

I was pretty bummed about losing a deck and started madly sketching -- on the backs of envelopes, napkins, anything that was handy. 

We're going to have this funny little interior space adjoining the loft, and we need to make sense of it.  The space is about three feet wide, and about ten feet long. It will have lots of windows.

What do you do with a funny little space like that?

Any ideas?


  1. I'd turn it into a nice craftdesk area

    all the best with your redesign

  2. A studio for you to do your drawing Amanda!

  3. 3 x 10 is rather awkward ... but i would jump at the chance to do just as you have shown ... a window seat, with good lighting, storage for books, a little table or armchair a couple of cosy blankets ... maybe a telescope ... a place for reading and looking out ... tiny and cozy

  4. I think a beautiful window seat area would be the perfect touch!!

  5. Window seats are cute, but does anyone really use them? If you can spare the space and want the look, then go for it. If space is at a premium, I would consider something else.

    Thanks for dropping by and commenting on the wooden kitchen accessories. Eye candy for the Totally Kitchen Obsessed!


  6. From your diagram this space is directly above the first guest bedroom. Would it be possible to access this space from the guest bedroom and make it into a divine sleeping loft? Ann


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