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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kitchens with Vintage Stoves

Do you just love a beautiful vintage stove?  A gorgeous stove can be the centerpiece of a kitchen. 
kitchen-vintage-appliances - White traditional kitchen
from Coastal Living via Houzz, photo Deboral Whitlaw Llewellyn

Who doesn't love this beauty from Kitty Bartholemew's kitchen?
Photography by Ray Kachatorian

This bright yellow Chambers stove makes me happy.
photo credit: Keller+Keller, Country Living

This stove goes perfectly in this Hollywood Hills kitchen.
Alec Hemer; Stylist: John Costello, via

I love that the owners of this kitchen chose to install a wall exhaust.
This blue and red kitchen is so fun.

I love the warmth and hominess of this kitchen!
source Momto5 via

We're getting pretty excited about our new kitchen!   Our own vintage stove is exactly like the one in this ad.

What kind of stove would you like to have in your kitchen?


  1. Enjoyed seeing the stove pictures and love the one you're installing! I would love the stove I grew up with. A 1950's, Tappan gas stove. There are such fond memories of that stove and it had a great look. Second to that, a big professional stove would be nice. I love the stove I have now, a gas, 5 burner with double ovens, but hate the stainless body. I'd really like my stove in a '50's Tappan body. :-)

  2. That blue and red kitchen is my favorite. If I hadn't chosen my sunflowers and my blue and yellow, that would be my next choice. Did you bring your stove from your old house? I loved that kitchen.
    Tina @ Life is Good

  3. You'll love your vintage stove. I have a 1955 O'Keefe and Merritt Hi-Vue. Love it!!!
    It is truly the focal point of the kitchen!

  4. Awesome!! They make the look of these kitchens complete.

  5. The wall exhaust made me smile, as our first house had one, operated by the pull of a chain.
    If I could have anything at all, I'd have an Aga - but they are prohibitively expensive over here.


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