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Monday, March 21, 2011

Wild Pants and a Lamp Get a Make-Over!

A couple of months ago I posted about this lamp and a pair of wild pants from the local Goodwill Outlet.  The lamp had definitely seen better days, and the pants still had the tags on them.  

Here is what the lamp looks like today!

I love how the black glossy finish brings out the cool texture of the lamp.

The lamp was painted with a good quality black craft paint, but it wasn't very glossy.  The solution, I found, was to apply glossy Mod Podge over the painted lamp.

The wild pants were used to cover a GW shade, but it still wasn't wild enough, so I created some stylized flowers from some strips of jute burlap I already had for a flouncy border.  I wanted to keep the project light hearted and fun!

Before recovering the shade, I carefully peeled back the trim from the top and bottom of the shade...

... then reused the pieces after the lamp was covered, securing the trim with a high tack glue.

The flower flounce was inspired by the apple green flowers on the wild pants fabric.

These strips of apple green burlap were left-over from being used as a Christmas tree garland a few years ago.

I simply folded the strips in half, being careful not to crease them, and cut looped fringe into the folded edge.  Each flower consisted of a piece of this folded looped fringe about eight inches long that was gathered in the center (along the uncut edge) and glued to the base of the shade.  I used a needle and thread to gather mine, but you could used hot glue.  The centers, are just bits of turquoise fringe cut from the wild pants lining fabric.

On a difficulty scale of 1 to 10, this project is about a two.

It's a fun, not too serious look.

I like that it looks good with "beachy" finishes, but if I get tired of the wild shade, I can always rip everything off and do something more "serious".

Here's another "before"...

And the after.

Tell me what you think.  Would you use this wild pants lamp shade, with the crazy burlap flower flounce?  Or would you go for something more refined?

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  1. I think over the top is great! Terrific makeover and very fun!

  2. Oh it's so cute! I love your flowers - why didn't you take pictures of the process?! Really great make-over Amanda!

  3. LOVE THIS! What an absolutely darling lamp and that is definitely the number on the difficulty scale that I can handle! :-)

  4. This is so cool! I will have to shop the clothes dept. when I hit GW. I never would have thought to use pants. Very funky!

  5. Oh yes I would! That is Faaaaaabulous and frugalicious all at the same time! Well Done!

  6. Shoot - I had a totally wonderful comment and my browser timed out and it didn't post! Grrrr!

    At any rate - I totally love it! I would definitely go wild. I can see this as a table lamp in a sitting room looking over the ocean, or as a bedside lamp. Love it! I have three really boring lamps I got from Target when I moved in my office - might have to dress up the shades at least with something like that!

  7. It's perfect. I'd never have seen the potential, but I love it.

  8. Love the look,
    a little whimsy and fun is always nice.

  9. Very cute use for those wild pants, they look great as a lamp shade:)

  10. Adorable! Love the colors and it turned out so cute! Stopping by from TCB.

  11. Love your lamp redo! I featured you over at Just Pleased as Punch . Check it out!

  12. You are so creative. I would have never thought to put these two items together in any way. How clever!!!

  13. I love it! When I finally get working on my workspace, I want it fun and whimsical. This definitely would add fun to the space. Now on cutting material for the shade - how exactly do you do it? Because it has to be curved - do you roll the shade on the material and carefully trace it? Thanks!

  14. That's so totally over the top it's perfect. Love the color combinations and the glossy paint job! As to the 2 out of 10, does that take into consideration the skills of a non-crafter, or is it only for those who already know how to do all kinds of crafty things? Cuz if that's a 2, then what's a 10? Lifting your house up two stories? ;-)

  15. Very cute! I love the shade and flowers! Everything about this is beautiful and fun!!

  16. This is such fun! And I think every room could use a touch of whimsy!

  17. Amanda... I adore this re-do! the trim on the shad is perfect...You have me looking around at my lamps planning a re-do!
    All Things Heart and Home

  18. Wish I had the time to do some lamps at my shop. I know they would be a HIT! Thanks for the info.
    Found your link at Robin's All Things Heart & Home.
    Thanks again,
    Velvet Walker,
    Velvet's Vintage

  19. I love it! The shade is the icing on the cake! It looks like it goes so well with the chair next to it, too. Love the flowery embellishment.

  20. I love this makeover! And that lamp painted is absolutely transformed. What a cool lampshade! Really, really neat!

  21. Love it!!! It looks so beautiful! I love the colors!!! GREAT JOB!!

  22. Love it! As for crazy or refined, I think you balanced it well. I would use it! It's the "fun" factor of the room. Great job!

  23. Love the shade! beautiful!

    I am having a giveaway on my blog.

    $40 store credit to get a drawstring backpack with an adorable applique, great from summer camp and trips and lovely spring hair accessories for girls. You just have to leave a comment to win.

  24. Absolutely wonderful! I love all the detail in that lamp, but the shade is for sure the show stopper. :)

  25. What a great transformation! So fun, love every detail!

    Warm Wishes,


  26. Oh my goodness! That looks fantastic!! Great makeover and love the little flowers you added to the edge. Thanks for linking it up!

  27. I wish I had an eye for thrift store finds. Fun lamp, thanks for posting.

  28. Love this, it's so fun! I'm really digging those flowers and I've got some leftover burlap...I will certainly be adding this to my "to do" list!

  29. Thank you for stopping by my blog today!

    I love the lamp, great work! Thank you so much for sharing.


  30. What a great idea to wrap the bottom in flower like that! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting!!

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. Amanda the title really had me curious lol. It turned out so cute! I love how you did the flowering along the rim. I would love you have you share this at my VIP party today!

  33. I love it!!! Wouldn't really go in my house but I love would look so fun in a college dorm..

  34. Very cute and unique! You are very creative!

  35. TO TO TO DARN CUTE, LOVE YOUR LAMP RE-VAMP. GREAT JOB. one prob. you aren't linked up to my fun Craft party ;) CraftOManiac Monday going on right now. winks-jen

  36. I absolutely love your "new" lamp - it's FABULOUS!!

  37. Wow! I absolutely love it! Great colors, design, and embellishments. Gosh, you'd probably pay a few hundred for something nowhere near as fabulous at Anthropologie! Incredible!

    So happy to have had you link-up and add some serious "WOW" to "A Little Birdie Told Me..."


  38. I LOVE this!!!!!
    I would so use it in my house. I love what a couple of coats of paint and some scrap fabric can do to transform junk into treasure!
    Here from The Lettered Cottage :)

  39. This is too cute! I'd use it in my craft room.

  40. that is SO adorable! Yes, I do believe I could locate a place of honor for a cute lamp like that one - great job with the redo. You are so imaginative!

  41. Hi Amanda! I love your new lamp and how very creative. Thanks for sharing this wonderful transformation at my Open House party.

  42. I love the whimsy of this piece ... brilliant!!!

  43. Your flowers turned out great! Thanks so much for sharing your link so I could stop by!

  44. Creativity and resourcefulness put together ;) I want this lamp on my little den!


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