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Friday, December 3, 2010

This Lamp Needs a Do Over

So, I've had a little junk in my trunk lately.   Finally had a chance to sneak it inside and into a closet when my engineer went to bed early the other night!   Today, I brought it into the light to admire it in all it's glory.

Isn't it wonderful?  And it works, too!  Not bad for a buck and a half at the GW Outlet, right?  (OK, I know you're thinking I overpaid)

But seriously, check out this detail!

What's not to love? (Yes, I know the engineer would have a long list of things not to love  -- not the least of which that it's in his home)

The engineer won't appreciate the potential of the piece.  So, it goes back in the closet for a while.  Maybe until the engineer's next business trip....

I have big plans for this piece, including a new paint job, a new shade, and a few repairs....
Who doesn't love an amazing lamp with a glossy black finish?

Or a cool drum shade?  Or turquoise?

lampsplus via ThisNext

Check out these "never worn, still have the tag, retro linen pants"!  (from the same GW Outlet trip)

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?  (at this point, the engineer would answer  "... that you're a crazy person?"  But, actually, I'm thinking "cool glossy black lamp with retro turquoise fabric lampshade")  I think I'll call it the "too much junk in my trunk pants lamp"!

Have wonderful weekend!

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