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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cottage Kitchen Transformation

Are you ready for the bad MLS kitchen's third act?   We went from hopelessly wonky and off balance to serene and functional on a crazy tight budget in the last post.  Now we've stepped it up a notch to create a sweet cottage kitchen.   Here's a peak!

Last week we addressed the layout of the space, trying to make it more functional and more balanced.  Remember what we started with?  The space had that wonky sink, window, cabinet setup, and there was not adequate storage, and that giant fridge crowded  anyone using the sink, and overlapped a window!

The other half of the room had no cabinets at all -- just open shelving that added to the cluttered appearance of the space.

We tried to keep the imaginary budget around $1000, and ended up with a space that looked like this.

The new space is very balanced, and the layout and storage issues have been addressed.  This kitchen is attractive and functional.  For an explanation of what we moved, where we moved it, what we added, and why we did it, go here.   For about $1000 the difference is remarkable!

This week, we've taken the same kitchen and stepped it up a couple of notches.  Do you remember that this house is a cozy little bungalow in a historic neighborhood?

Well, we've taken our cue from the age and style of the home to create the second option.  The second option involves some additional sheet goods, hardware, and paint.  Oh, and more labor!  Not a problem for a veteran DIYer, right?

It's the same layout as before, except we've bumped out the new base cabinet from the wall a few inches and added a butcher block top, some bun feet, and a curtain.  It makes it feel like a built in hutch! Simple corbel brackets were added underneath the wall cabinets, and open cabinets were added above. 

We've also added an end panel to the window seat to create a little entry area off the back porch, with a place to hang a jacket or a dog leash.  This makes the window seat a cozier spot to curl up in, too!  We added beaded board paneling to the entry area and the cabinet sides for a touch of hominess.

The second option even provides a built-in solution to the microwave!

So, what do you think? Can you see yourself in this kitchen?

Do you want to see the before and afters again?

And the other view of the space...

I think I might be tempted to read the afternoon away in this old-fashioned version!

The cottage kitchen version of the make-over should run a DIYer around $1500, while the other version would run around $1000, with careful shopping.  Not too shabby, when typical kitchen renovations cost in the tens of thousands!

Let me know what you think about this type of "make-over".  Do you want to see more?  Would you be interested in seeing a series of "bad MLS kitchen make-overs"?  I love your input.  Also, be sure to check out our new facebook page!  The link is in the sidebar.

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