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Friday, May 14, 2010

Q is for What?

Q is for quoin.  I love, love, love old stone buildings!  The details in old stone architecture are just incredible.  See if you can identify a quoin in the montage below.  If you can identify all of the elements pictured, I might let you copy my homework next week!
Sources and key in follow up post.  This post is linked to Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday meme.


  1. I think I have failed and now I can't copy your homework! I love old stone buildings too-does that count?

    Best wishes,

  2. The pics are pretty all set up in your mosaic. I am not well traveled so I cannot take this test.

  3. I think I know - is it the 1954??? Can I copy next week? Can I huh? Great architectural pics!

  4. I think it's F. I think it means cornerstone but I'd really like to phone a friend.

    What a neat post.

    I love stone architecture...wrote a 1/2 of a book once about a stone house.

    You'll have to let me know if I failed.

    But you certainly didn't fail at all with this interesting "Q" post...

    Which is why...


  5. A.lintels???
    B.flying buttress
    F.quoin or cornerstone
    I tried!!

  6. I had to look it up in the dictionary...but I think it's both F and G. If I'm wrong, at least I have a new Scrabble word...and yes, I'll play my turn. Soon :-)

  7. hey. thanks for reading picky and leaving it some love.

    i wasn't saying qwest wasn't loud. i'm sure it is.

    i was late to a game once. had to park several miles from campus. about halfway to the stadium from my car, i heard the "a" for the kickoff, the cannon signaling the start of the game, the whoop that followed it, and the resuming of the "a" for the subsequent plays. i wasn't even to george bush avenue yet, and kyle's not right off that road, so...

    i liked your q and p posts, by the way. and the last house in the p post was my favorite.

  8. I'll go with F and G...F is famous...year I was post...I too love architecture...Peace and blessings

  9. I have no idea I love old buildings and living in England we have many.

  10. I LOVE older architectural details! And I am always awed and amazed to think of how these amazing pieces of art were done, especially without the modern equipment tha we have today!

    Hm...Pondside did very well by identifying more than you asked...can we have him in our next group assignment? haha and I do like Miss Jenny's phone a friend :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    (I am up before everyone so am trying to get around to those that left lovely comments at my Q post, before our son in law's graduation events start for the day. I would have loved to see all your unfinished quilts!)

  11. I've lost track of where you live now, but we are looking for help remodeling our kitchen. Can you either help us or refer us to someone? We're hoping to take down a wall to open up a larger living space, do new cabinets, layout, flooring, and probably decor/style. Thanks! Kathy Upham

  12. I love architecture. I am six years into a building project and even though it's stressful, I love it.

    Great pics, informative post...


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