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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

P is for Parade of Homes

Many of you know that my husband and I have spent the last several months transitioning to a new part of the country.  We recently sold our home near the Rocky Mountains and have been house hunting near the Pacific Ocean.

This weekend we went out to a little beach town and looked at some properties there.  When we got home, and I downloaded a million new house pictures onto my hard drive, I realized we have looked at A LOT of houses! 

So, I thought I would share a few of the highlights from our personal Parade of Homes, starting with the home that sheltered our family for sixteen years.  Excuse the mess-- we were moving!

And this is my personal favorite house in our new city.  This is "the one that got away"!

And this was the craziest of many bad remodels we saw during the house hunting.

This was a darling house in sweet little neighborhood near the sound.  We discovered it just before going out of town for a last Thanksgiving with our kids in the old house.  When we got back, it was already under contract. 

This house was a foreclosure, and it was damp and squishy inside -- and it had been stripped of all the fixtures!
But, it had a nice view.

This former boat club was my husband's favorite-- not because of it's great beauty...

but because it had these docks...
which have sunk, but that's okay, because they are grandfathered in, and can be repaired.

An all time favorite was this little Tudor, but alas,
 we thought it was a tad overpriced for it's condition and lack of view.  And while we were wringing our hands, it went under contract....

And now we are looking at this beach house.
Which has been gutted.
And used to have a view of this from the main floor.

But, it doesn't anymore because of this shifting sand dune...
... but, it can have a view again, at great expense, if we have the house raised several feet.

So, there they are!  The highlights of our personal parade of homes.  Which would you choose?
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  1. I am NOT jealous. House hunting is such a rollercoaster. Best of luck to you!

  2. House hunting can be an amazing adventure, looking for just the right place at the right place, and always interesting to see where other folks live.

  3. Best of luck! House hunting is tough business! Hugs Anne

    Practical P Post!

  4. LOL!! Who builds a wall in the middle of a window? You sure have had the time of it! Don't give up, the perfect little house is waiting for you just around the bend! I liked the look of the "thanksgiving" house. Good luck in your search! (which end of the sound are you concentrating your search in?)

  5. wow, i dont know , its all about the view.. But all those look like alot of work.. i am sure youll find one.

  6. Don't despair - the right house is out there waiting. That little beach house would be a LOT of work, but what fun.

  7. I don't envy you trying to find a new home. You would think with houses being so desperate to sell, you could find something with not much work at a great price.

  8. I have no doubt you will find the right house for you and make it the perfect home for your family. Happy house hunting!

  9. I vote for the last one, it has some real potential. I'm kinda sorta thinking of looking for a house on the beach in Oregon as a part time place. Going at the end of the month to look at a few places, wish me luck!

  10. love those houses, must have been a busy day for you :D

    sure is fun to dream up what you would do to a house if it were yours and you had lots of money :D

  11. You know what will happen, you will find a house, walk inside and KNOW that it is the one for you! We looked and looked and then visited another house in a matter of 30 minutes I knew it was the one! The reason that you have not gotten one yet is that your house is still waiting for you. Ask around, drive around, talk to people and you will find the right one.

  12. That was a great recap of the houses you've shared. I'm wishing you well as you continue the hunt. All I can say, again, is that the moment I walked into my house, I was sold.

  13. i can see potential in all of them....but if it were me..i would probably go with the one with the boat docks...because i think a boat dock is really romantic

  14. I see parade of homes or house tour and I just get excited!

    What a wide variety of homes you've looked at. I really love the windows in your first house and the floors are so lovely.

    I can't imagine how you will ever choose.

    But I suspect when it's right you'll know it!

    Thanks for the great stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday's letter "P"!


  15. I love to peek in homes. My husband will never move again short of a catastrophe and so I am a bit envious. Good Luck - that perfect house is out there!

  16. oh i am all for the Beach house ... look at the potential of the gutted rooms, its almost a clean slate, and nothing beats that ocean air first thing in the morning ... imagine sitting on a deck, fresh cuppa coffee, and that view ... what a rich way to start each day!

  17. It's hard to find just the right place to make a real home. I'm sorry for the one(s) that got away. I remember when you showed us the Tudor. I would love to live on the beach, but it looks like a lot of work. Hang in there. The home you left behind was lovely. I hope you find one that you will love as well.

  18. I love going on tours of homes, or just popping in on open houses. I'm nebby like that.

  19. Beach house, hands down! The view may have changed, but it's so close to the beach. And you will still have the lovely sounds of the water and wind. Good luck! Kathy

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  21. I love house shopping, it is so much fun. Thos look like some awesome places you are looking at, what great views. Best wishes to you.


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