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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

How to Decorate With Free Stuff From Craigslist

I love Craigslist. Especially the free stuff. I am forever amazed at what you can get, simply by going to get it!

I've seen good quality paint, gardening supplies, furniture, sports equipment, and toys. Recently, these were a few of the items I found listed on Craigslist one Saturday morning.
I've paired the free items with inspirational makeovers from around the web.

Now that folks are all getting flat screen televisions, they're dumping their old armoires for nothing or next to nothing. For the price of gas, some lucky person got this armoire. Wouldn't it be amazing transformed into a cheery baking center or pantry?

Can you believe these antique theater seats were being offered up for free?

Cleaned up, they would make great occasional seating in a living room or entryway.

There are so many uses for old filing cabinets -- and every week someone is trying to get rid of one for free, it seems.

Check out this post for lots of awesome ways to re-purpose filing cabinets.

Decorating with old tailgates (and other car parts) is super popular. If you have the means to haul it and are somewhat handy, you can turn this....

into something like this.

These church pews were being offered for free.

This is what our friends at Brassy Apple did with some similar pews!

These chain link gates would be great for hanging pots in the kitchen, or used as a trellis in the garden.....

.... or you could mount them on the wall to use as inspiration boards!

Here's another obsolete entertainment center, but wait till you see what Jamie, at Southern Revivals did with hers!

Is this not the cutest kitchen play center ever?

I hope this post inspired you to look at things with new eyes. Sometimes all it takes is a little paint and some creativity to transform someone's cast-offs into a treasure!

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