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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

How to Decorate With Vintage Lockers

My husband has several banks of old gym lockers in our garage. He bought them at a building supply salvage yard a few years ago to use for tool storage.  They're not working out.  His tools are all the wrong sizes and nothing is fitting quite right. He's offered them to me for the beach house!

At first, I really wanted the lockers for my beach house loft studio.........., but somehow the studio got bumped for an office/ secondary family room..... sigh...., and my studio stuff is still boxed up in an attic room.  (Edit: See how we turned that little storage attic into a colorful studio!)

Vintage lockers offer great storage, and they are eclectic and fun. I love these lockers, with the top doors removed!

How about a bank of lockers, re-purposed into a credenza?

RED.... Enough said.

These lockers are built in to a beach house bathroom.

We have lots of guests, at our beach house. Many of our guests return over and over. It would be nice to offer them a bit of personal closet space. 

Just for fun, I did a little online searching for lockers. This bank of green lockers is available at a local salvage store for $225!  I LOVE the proportions of these lockers.

I scouted these awesome orange lockers on Craiglist!

Do you love the look of vintage lockers? Have you used them in your own decor? Should I use old lockers for storage in our bunk room?

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Getting Love on the Side, Flower Power, and Other Groovy Stuff

This article first appeared on House Revivals in January of 2014.
Confession: I have a secret life. Sometimes I just cruise around on the internet hoping to hook up with that perfect... chair. Do you do this? I'm pretty sure, if I didn't have to come home and face my husband each night, I might become a hoarder. Actually, I'm pretty sure my husband and kids already think I am a hoarder. If they only knew how much I don't buy -- all those things I yearn for in my secret life.  Don't get me wrong, a classic Parson's, Louis, or Chippendale is great for the day to day, but sometimes a girl needs to step out on her wild side.

I think, if I brought home all that goodness and funkiness and weirdness that I sometimes want, I would end up in one of those TV shows, where your family and friends stage an intervention. And my secret life and fantasies would no longer be secret. (Seriously, though, if you staged an intervention on my behalf, I would not like it.  Don't do itJust saying....)

The thing is, it's killing me not to get in the truck right now and buy these chairs. I am not sure I am strong enough to resist their Siren call.  Can you say flower power?  Holy macaroni, you could never be sad for one single day of your life if you sat in one of these happy chairs to drink your morning coffee!  (and you could still eat dinner with your tasteful Parson's chair -- the best of both worlds!) These were listed on Seattle's Craigslist!

Of course, if you shy away from giant purple and orange flowers, but still like bright color and retro lines, how about these chairs? Sleek and modern, but still fun and funky, right?

Now, this chair is supposed to be stylishly elegant in that 1967 kind of way, what with all the tufting and buttons, but somehow the horseshoe back makes it seems weirdly... strange.  That's kind of okay, because there were FOUR of these chairs available!  FOUR of these chairs, people, FOUR! 

This smokey little Lucite backed number is kind of cool. I specified a similar set of chairs and a tulip table for a client a couple years ago -- they are great "gender neutral" pieces, for when flower power just doesn't fit the groove. The lines and Lucite material of these chairs make great conversation starters when you're entertaining!

And look!  More floral goodness!  If your taste leans more toward the blue and green end of the color spectrum, and flower power is your thing, these are the chairs for you.

Now, tell me, do you cruise the internet at night, hoping to find that perfect match? Do you constantly battle the call of Sirens? Do you secretly want to throw "good taste" to the wind, and embrace your funky side?  Do you love your classic chairs, but yearn for something a little different sometimes? Are you secretly hoping this will be the night you get lucky? Let me know in the comments below -- and don't worry, your secret is safe with me!

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

How to Make a Lace Owl Applique

For this project, I thought I would combine the popular lace trend and the popular owl trend, to create a pretty clothing applique. I thought it would be subtle, but stunning to add a lace owl applique to a vintage lace dress.  Adding it to the vintage dress makes it feel a little bit romantic and a little bit spooky.

This applique would look just as good (maybe better!) if applied to a tee-shirt or even a canvas bag.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Easy Mandala or Folk Art Medallion Tutorial

With the enormous popularity of folk art medallions or mandalas and doodling and adult coloring, I thought it would be fun to show you how easy it is to make your own one-of-a-kind mandala coloring sheets.

It's so relaxing to draw and doodle and color, but if it turns out you don't enjoy drawing your own coloring sheets, no worries -- I have some sets of hand drawn coloring sheets and coloring note cards that will be available as free printables in the coming weeks.

To draw your own mandalas, you don't need any special tools. No protractors or CAD software is needed, I promise. You can simply raid your cupboards and junk drawers for round items to trace to create your initial guidelines. You will want a sharp pencil and a smear-proof black pen.  Draw your guidelines and initially sketch very lightly using your pencil, then go over your pencil lines with your pen.

For each mandala you draw (I've created overlapping mandalas, but you don't have to), you will begin with your largest circle first.  For instance, you may want to trace around a luncheon plate or dinner plate for your largest circle. Next, you may choose to trace a soup bowl, working your way down to your smallest circle. I have a funny little cupcake vase that has a zigzag edge that I like to use -- it's okay to get a little creative. You don't need to measure anything to make sure things are lined up -- simply "eyeball it" to achieve a charming handmade look.

Once you have drawn your circles, begin by dividing your smallest circle into four equal parts, and then into eight parts. You don't need to make any lines. Just make a light dot with your pencil to mark your segments. Use your segments as a guide to create patterns in your medallions. Build out, starting with the smallest circle. You can add waves or scallops or tiny circles or anything you want or nothing at all to the outsides of your medallions.

Add petals or leaves or tiny flowers, or echo existing lines -- whatever suits your fancy. When you are satisfied with your drawing, go over it using your black pen (or whatever color of pen you like).

Most importantly, have fun with it! There are no rules.

To learn how to create a watercolor pencil Bible Art Journal page, click here.

To see how to create an altered book the lazy way, click here.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Make Pretty Cone Pendants From Bottle Caps

I'm loving this bottle cap upcycling project! It's so fun to flatten out used bottle caps to turn them into unique jewelry, but you can take your upcycling project a step further by turning your bottle caps into jewelry cones for pendants and earrings and keychains.

Make them for yourself, or to give as gifts! It's easy with this tutorial.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Easy Fridge Magnet DIY With Dollar Store Supplies

After making several wire wrapped pendants last year, to give as gifts, I still had quite a few Dollar Tree glass cabochons left over. I decided they would make perfect fridge magnets to give as teacher gifts, or neighbor gifts, or to use as stocking stuffers. In the end, I really liked them, so I kept them for myself!

Fridge magnets aren't just for fridges -- they are great to use on magnetic bulletin boards in your home's command center, or to use on metal filing cabinets in your office.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Houseboat Studio That Wasn't

This is a story of heartbreak and disappointment. A story of what might have been. A story of a unique floating studio right down the elevator from our city crash pad.

I'm sure many of you know we live in two places. We have our beach house, which was supposed to be our "most of the time" house, and we have a tiny city crash pad. We make all these big plans, and then life gets in the way, it would seem.