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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

How to Make Paper Peonies {Without Fancy Tools!}

Have you ever wondered how how to make dimensional paper flowers? Well, there are some wonderful tools you can buy to make perfect curves in your petals, but if you don't have access to a craft store or don't have the budget for fancy tools, here is a hack for making pretty paper flowers.

I love working with vintage book pages, but other sturdy papers will work with this technique, as well.

Start by grabbing the paper you want to use, and cutting stacks of petal in three sizes, as shown. You don't need a template for this -- just freehand the petals as you cut.

Next, rummage through your kitchen drawers, looking for plastic spoons (metal spoons may leave marks on your petals, so avoid those).

Grab a spoon and a paper petal. Spritz the petal lightly with water (or, if you don't have a spray bottle, wipe a little water on the front and back of the petal with your fingers). Don't saturate the paper -- just get it damp enough to be pliable.

Now, press the paper into the bowl of a spoon and work it into the curve, pressing well. If you have nesting spoons, you might try pressing the smaller spoon into the bowl, with the paper sandwiched between. Repeat for each petal.

When the petals are dry, cut a circle from your paper and begin gluing the petals around the circle. I like to start on the outside, and work my way in. Use the biggest petals on the outside, and the smallest petals on the inside.

This is what the flower looks like from underneath.

Continue building your flower until you are happy with it. Add fringe or beads or buttons to the center, if desired.

Wouldn't these flowers make amazing wedding decorations! Or use them to dress your table for a special meal. Or use this technique to create lovely wall decor for your home.

To learn how to make this burnt edge fabric peony, click here.

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