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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

11 Easy Art Projects Anyone Can Do

Do you ever look at art and think "I could never do that"?  I promise, the ability to do art is not exclusive to people with fancy degrees or exceptional talent. Sometimes all you need is to just. get. started. You don't need fancy or expensive supplies, either. My favorite set of oil pastels came from the $1.50 store!

My tiny travel watercolor set is a child's set. I use Crayola markers and colored pencils in my art journals. Creating art is relaxing and healing, and it's a great way to bridge generations.

My four-year-old granddaughter told my daughter that she loves to do art with me, because I don't mind getting messy!

If you want to try your hand at creating art, here are eleven blog posts to get you started!

How to Draw and Paint when you don't have time and don't know how was one of the most popular posts on House Revivals last year.

You don't need expensive supplies to create art -- this mini paint kit uses a child's paint set.

You can use an inexpensive composition notebook as an art journal.

Art materials can have the most humble origins -- these artist trading cards were created from recycled cereal boxes!

You can create altered and mixed media art, even if your materials and time are limited.

You'll never look at supplies the same way again after you read these ideas for mixed media materials!

If a large canvas or art journal is too intimidating -- or you only have time or space for small projects, this might be the perfect project for you!

While, not actually a tutorial, this article talks about one of the most available, affordable, and earth-friendly art supplies you can use.

Art can be useful, and it can be collaborative, too!  This art journal guest book creates a background canvas for our beach house guests. Some choose to simply sign the book, but others get creative and create another layer of art!

Creating your own mandala or folk art medallion coloring sheets couldn't be easier!

Have you wanted to try Bible art journaling, but feel too intimidated to start?  You don't need a new expensive journaling Bible (but, that's awesome if you have one)! I picked up a thrift store Bible for just a couple of dollars.

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