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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Easy Mandala or Folk Art Medallion Tutorial

With the enormous popularity of folk art medallions or mandalas and doodling and adult coloring, I thought it would be fun to show you how easy it is to make your own one-of-a-kind mandala coloring sheets.

It's so relaxing to draw and doodle and color, but if it turns out you don't enjoy drawing your own coloring sheets, no worries -- I have some sets of hand drawn coloring sheets and coloring note cards that will be available as free printables in the coming weeks.

To draw your own mandalas, you don't need any special tools. No protractors or CAD software is needed, I promise. You can simply raid your cupboards and junk drawers for round items to trace to create your initial guidelines. You will want a sharp pencil and a smear-proof black pen.  Draw your guidelines and initially sketch very lightly using your pencil, then go over your pencil lines with your pen.

For each mandala you draw (I've created overlapping mandalas, but you don't have to), you will begin with your largest circle first.  For instance, you may want to trace around a luncheon plate or dinner plate for your largest circle. Next, you may choose to trace a soup bowl, working your way down to your smallest circle. I have a funny little cupcake vase that has a zigzag edge that I like to use -- it's okay to get a little creative. You don't need to measure anything to make sure things are lined up -- simply "eyeball it" to achieve a charming handmade look.

Once you have drawn your circles, begin by dividing your smallest circle into four equal parts, and then into eight parts. You don't need to make any lines. Just make a light dot with your pencil to mark your segments. Use your segments as a guide to create patterns in your medallions. Build out, starting with the smallest circle. You can add waves or scallops or tiny circles or anything you want or nothing at all to the outsides of your medallions.

Add petals or leaves or tiny flowers, or echo existing lines -- whatever suits your fancy. When you are satisfied with your drawing, go over it using your black pen (or whatever color of pen you like).

Most importantly, have fun with it! There are no rules.

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