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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

How to Decorate With Vintage Lockers

My husband has several banks of old gym lockers in our garage. He bought them at a building supply salvage yard a few years ago to use for tool storage.  They're not working out.  His tools are all the wrong sizes and nothing is fitting quite right. He's offered them to me for the beach house!

At first, I really wanted the lockers for my beach house loft studio.........., but somehow the studio got bumped for an office/ secondary family room..... sigh...., and my studio stuff is still boxed up in an attic room.  (Edit: See how we turned that little storage attic into a colorful studio!)

Vintage lockers offer great storage, and they are eclectic and fun. I love these lockers, with the top doors removed!

How about a bank of lockers, re-purposed into a credenza?

RED.... Enough said.

These lockers are built in to a beach house bathroom.

We have lots of guests, at our beach house. Many of our guests return over and over. It would be nice to offer them a bit of personal closet space. 

Just for fun, I did a little online searching for lockers. This bank of green lockers is available at a local salvage store for $225!  I LOVE the proportions of these lockers.

I scouted these awesome orange lockers on Craiglist!

Do you love the look of vintage lockers? Have you used them in your own decor? Should I use old lockers for storage in our bunk room?

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