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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Five Reasons to Shop at a Thrift Store Right Now

Seriously! You need to go RIGHT NOW!  Well, read this post first, but then GO!  Thrift stores are amazing places. Yes, you have to sift through a lot of junk, but the results can make it worth your while -- especially if you love a $700 chair, but only have the budget for a $7 chair.

Lots of items that are donated to thrift stores are very high quality items, and with a little refurbishing can look fabulous in your home.  Some items are perfect just as they are!

Here are a few items I've run across in thrift stores -- some came home with me and some did not, and I am KICKING MYSELF for letting a couple of these things get away.

This rush seated chair was under five dollars!  It was very sturdy, and would be wonderful just as it is, as an extra chair in the corner or the room, with a stack of books at the end of a hall, or paired with a pretty desk. For a quick makeover, mask off the rush seat, and give it a distressed coat of paint.  This rush seated pink chair from Steven Shell retails for over $700!

Some things are already perfectly distressed, like this vintage hanging file cabinet.

I love the patina of the brass hardware and the original green paint -- it just needs a replacement screw, and a little cleaning to add a relaxed industrial vibe to your space.

{If anyone knows the original source for this photo, let me know! This turned out to be a Pinterest dead end}  

The photo above shows a lovely repurposed metal cabinet. I think it's great that the stylist left the original finish -- the piece has a story to tell!

Don't let the hanging gimp trim on this tufted chair fool you -- this chair was solid, and the upholstery was in great condition.  At $19.99, it was a steal. The trim can easily be reattached.

If I had taken this piece home, if would have gotten a good cleaning, and I would have polished up the exposed wood. The color is actually rather wonderful, I think, but if you aren't loving the mustard portion of the color spectrum, this chair was of a high enough quality to justify reupholstering.

Designer Amanda Nisbet used a similar color for a modern tufted chair in one of her installations.

Here, a mustard color is used in a more traditional interior -- I love the pairing of intense mustard and moody gray!

This bench is part of a set, purchased from a second hand store many years ago.  It finally got a makeover a few months ago!

Benches are so useful -- as end tables, extra seating, or a place to put luggage in a guest room.  If you find a sturdy bench, don't let a busted out cane seat scare you away. There are lots of options for replacing seats, and you don't need to know how to weave cane!

I love this creative seat made from woven belts at Saved by Love Creations.

Lantern light fixtures are super popular right now, and always classic.  You can find expensive new lanterns in every shape size or finish.  I adore this bright yellow lantern from Tobi Fairley, but if you don't need a lantern that is nearly a yard across, or don't want to pay $3900, you might find a great alternative at the thrift store.

This pair (PAIR!) of lanterns was only a few dollars at a local Salvation Army. They would look fantastic with a coat of paint.  I am actually kicking myself over this one....

Wouldn't those lanterns look great painted red like the amazing lantern shown below?  Or yellow? Or PINK?  Of course, you can always just paint them something really classic, like black, and that would be wonderful, too.

Now, GO!  If you don't hurry to the thrift store RIGHT NOW, you might miss that PERFECT thing!