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Thursday, January 23, 2014

How to Dress Up Those Plastic Nursery Pots

Last Saturday, after hitting all the architectural and building salvage yards in SoDo, I ended up at Home Depot. They have these sweet little potted primroses right now, in pretty pinks and corals and yellows for $1.25 each!

I picked up several, to add to my mantel, but I didn't have nice decorative pots to put them in -- actually, I don't really have space to store things like that in our little urban apartment -- so we got creative.

Basically, we took a page from an old gardening book. No, really. We really took a page (or two) from an old gardening book!

Two vintage book pages are the perfect amount to dress up one four-inch plastic pot.

All you need is some twine, your vintage book pages, and some scissors!

Wrap the pages around the plastic nursery pot, and secure with twine. I found it best to wrap the twine at least two times, to get it nice and snug. Then I just tied a simple bow and trimmed the ends. I also trimmed the excess paper from underneath, so the pots would sit level.

That's all there is to it!

For $1.25, and about two minutes of effort, we now have a cheery reminder that spring is on the way!

I think the primrose pairs well with this African JuJu hat knock-off, made from vintage book pages (watch for the tutorial)!

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