Google+ House Revivals: Super-Amazing Ways to Up-Cycle Filing Cabinets!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Super-Amazing Ways to Up-Cycle Filing Cabinets!

Filing cabinets!  This time of year they fly off the floors of retail and second-hand stores. My friend who owns an antique mercantile says she always sells lots of them in January, because people make resolutions to get organized in the new year.

This is the year you really can get organized with filing cabinets!  Try adding a little style to your organizing to motivate yourself to stick with it. After all, who wouldn't want to file their papers in a cheery yellow cabinet? And don't stop with papers -- file cabinets are great storage for linens, dishes, tools, and craft supplies. Here are some ways to organize using filing cabinets that you may not have thought of before.

Add wheels, a towel holder, a utensil hanger, and a chopping block to create a unique kitchen island for small spaces.

Clean up a vintage file cabinet, and use it as an end table. Leave the patina -- it adds character!

Spray paint several cabinets a cheery color, top them with wood, and use them as a one-of-a-kind credenza!

Add a designer touch to a simple cabinet with gold detailing.

Add a sturdy base with casters, and a pretty work surface to create a studio storage and work bench.  I am IN LOVE with this one! I want to marry it....

Add chalkboard paint!

The best thing about these projects is that filing cabinets can be found practically for free, at second-hand stores and on craigslist.

Two-drawer cabinets can usually be found for between ten and twenty dollars each.

These single drawer units were for sale on Craigslist for five dollars each!  (I am totally kicking myself for letting that one get away)

So, whether you just need to file some papers, organize a craft room, or you are looking to add some storage and functionality to your kitchen, check out your local second-hand listings and stores for used filing cabinets! You might just find the perfect organizing solution!