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Thursday, January 21, 2016

My Favorite Posts From 2015

Last week I shared your favorite House Revivals blog posts of 2015. This week, I thought I would share my favorites. Hint: there's a little bit of overlap, but there are also some great posts that got lost in the post-holiday lull that you may have missed.

How to Draw and Paint when you don't have time and don't know how is on both our lists!

This tutorial for making garden markers from old silver spoons was a favorite of mine.

I was able to spend a lot of vacation time creating art and drawing with my granddaughter this year, so the drawing tutorials are really special to me.
This mandala tutorial was a favorite.

Lots of us discovered Bible Art Journaling in 2015. This post on how to use watercolor pencils was one of your favorites, as well as mine.

I love experimenting with different materials, and love to recycle whenever I can, so this tutorial on bottle cap jewelry was a favorite.

How to Make a Wire Sphere Charm was on everyone's list of favorites!

A theme of our beach house visits last year was going through a bazillion boxes in the attic, and transforming the space into a studi-attic. It felt amazing to finally get all those boxes unpacked and to get my materials and supplies organized. When a "maker" doesn't have access to their materials, it's like a painter not having access to their paint palette. It's great to know exactly where everything is! See the reveal here.

Sometimes we get so caught up in being a "the hostess with the mostest" that we forget to enjoy ourselves at our own party. It's okay to step back and appreciate the beautiful mess that our lives can be.

Lots of times we have a need to create, but don't have access to a craft supply store. Here I shared how to create beautiful jewelry using supplies from the hardware store.

A friend of my son's mined some crystals on one of her outdoor expeditions. She wanted to use them in a piece of jewelry. I showed how she could "messy wrap" her crystals to create beautiful artistic pendants.

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