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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

How to Upcycle Tins to Organize Your Crafts

I have several sets of Melody Ross debossing stamps, which I LOVE. Along with my sets of letters and numbers, I have a few extra tools. If you are familiar with Melody Ross' debossing collection, you know her letter sets came in gorgeous tins. Extra punch tools and stamps, however, came in blister packs that made them awkward to store.
My extra punches were driving me crazy.
All my beautiful Melody Ross tins lived in the same storage basket, and I hated that the punches were rolling around loose. I was afraid they were going to get lost.

I was able to organize the extra stamps using upcycled altoid tins, but the punches were too long to store in those tins.  Eventually, I found another little tin -- slightly longer than an Altoid tin -- that would be perfect for the punch tools. It was a gift card tin that I found in a thrift store that I brought home and decorated with a favorite scripture and scraps of paper.

At first I just plunked the tools into the tin and called it good, but the punches rolled around in there and made me crazy.  I wanted something a little more custom, like the blue foam blocks the stamps came packaged with.

I decided kids fun foam sheets would work perfectly.

I simply cut out the foam to the desired dimensions using scissors. I made a couple of layers.

Then I simply glued the foam sheets into the tin and BAM!  Project done. Now I always know where to find my punch tools. Sometimes the simplest projects are best.

To see how I upcycled old Altoid tins for craft storage, click here.

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