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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

DIY Stamp Storage Tutorial

I've been struggling to find an easy and affordable system for storing clear and cling stamps.  I don't have enough stamps to justify investing in an expansive (and expensive) stamp storage system, but I have enough stamps that I needed to do something to protect them and make them easy to access.

The best solution would have been to simply keep the stamps in their original packaging, except that some of that packaging is not durable enough for extended use, plus the original packaging comes in all shapes and sizes, making storage a bit cumbersome.

I had an entire box of clear projector transparencies that couldn't be used in my laser jet printer. I was nervous that someone might try to use them in the printer and make a melted mess, but I didn't want to throw them out, so I decided to repurpose them into stamp storage files. They turned out to be the perfect solution to my stamp storage problem.

To make you own stamp storage files, simply fold the clear plastic sheets in half. Cut some sheets of plain white paper (I used the white divider sheets that came in the box of slides) in half and insert into the folded transparency. Secure the top of the paper to the back of the file with a piece of washi tape.

Secure the sides of the files with washi tape, as well, to create a pretty storage envelope. Rather than trim the washi tape at the top of the sides, I tucked the tails inside the transparency envelope to make them very secure. It's that easy!

Slip your sheets of stamps into the envelopes.

Some of my older stamp sets did not come with plastic storage sheets, so I trimmed down some projector sheets and mounted the stamps to them, and slid those into the files.

If I still had the original packaging for a stamp set, I inserted it into the envelope, so I would know what brand or set I was using.

I added dollar store labels to the back of each stamp storage envelope.

Now my stamps are protected and it is easy to flip through and see what I have, PLUS, I was able to save a box of plastic projector transparencies from the landfill. Win, win!

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