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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pinwheel Art, Sunburst Art, and Star Burst Art

Pinwheels, Sunbursts, and Star Bursts, oh my!  I am loving the DIY pinwheel art trend. How about you?

It's simple and graphic, and can easily be adapted for your project. Choose the medium that works best for you, and be inspired by these creations!

Mandi, at Vintage Revivals, created a very mod version using a piece of plywood as a base.

This Hello Sunshine version is from Life as a Thrifter.

Over at Inspired By Charm, you can find the tutorial for this graphic sunburst plank art.

Got foil tape from the hardware store? You can make this metallic star burst!

Have some extra scrapbooking supplies? You can make a star burst with just about anything!

You can even paint a rug with a pinwheel design!

These sweet little watercolor pinwheels are so easy, even a child can do it.

You can paint a canvas, using painter's tape, for nice sharp lines...

... or you can create a stencil!

Maybe string art is what you prefer? Or maybe you don't want to DIY at all, but want to support an Etsy artist?

Got doors?

Jen, at Tatertots and Jello, created this free-form sunburst -- no painter's tape needed!

This canvas, from One King's Lane, is one of my favorite variations. I love the texture, color, and depth of the piece.

Do you love the pinwheel, sunburst, and star burst art trends?  Have you created your own version?

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