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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

{17} Absolutely Gorgeous Painted Rugs to Inspire You!

Are you looking for a beautiful designer rug, but not interested in designer prices?  Here are some amazing ideas for creating a unique DIY painted rug!

Whether your style leans more toward traditional or modern or rustic, there is sure to be a DIY rug painting project that will work for you!

This gray and white striped rug by Sarah M. Dorsey Designs feels relaxed, beachy, and casual.

A cheery blue chevron rug from House of Smiths feels youthful and fun.

Here's another winner from Sarah M. Dorsey.  Love the fresh take on traditional Moroccan design.

Painted rugs lend themselves to crisp geometric designs. This pink rug is so fresh and pretty!

A can of spray paint and a hand cut stencil was all the folks over at A Beautiful Mess needed to create the DIY faux bois rug. So fun!

You can try your hand at an over-sized Mehndi inspired hand painted rug!

I still love, love, love this pinwheel painted rug that I shared in this post.

Add a little sunshine to your space with a lemony yellow starburst painted rug.

This striped painted rug from I Heart Organizing is a great addition to a family room.

This black and white painted rug certainly makes a statement!

This hand stamped rug has a casual industrial vibe. Such a creative rug DIY!

If stamping isn't your thing, you can try stenciling your rug, like this one here.

Another easy idea is to customize a rug that already has a pattern, like this rug from Remodelaholic.

Fiber rugs are not the only ones you can make your own with a little paint. Check out this painted bamboo rug from Pretty Handy Girl.

Serendipity Refined hand-painted this gorgeous harlequin pattern on her rug.

At One Life as a Housewife, they painted this geometric rug pattern -- clearly the family loved it!

Have you created a DIY rug for your home? Would you try it?

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