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Sunday, October 20, 2013

If You Don't Do Anything Else When You Visit Seattle

Do this:  See our city from the water.

Actually, we try to do this anytime we visit a new city.

Whether you take a dinner cruise, catch a ferry, or take a water taxi, the view from the water is always worth seeing.

Our very own Tardis.

There is always a story... a bit of history... a perspective, that you can only see from the edges of cities. Like taking a train through a city, you often see "the back side" of a city when you go by boat, but it can be pretty picturesque, as well.

We had the nicest evening recently when we rented an electric boat on Lake Union.

We've canoed here, and sailed here, and taken cruises, and ferries, but this was the first time we've putted around on one of these boats here.  It was wonderful.  We packed a picnic and piled our entire family into the boat for an evening cruise.

The evening was a little chilly, and it was just starting to rain a little, and the sun was setting.  It seemed that the only boaters out were ourselves and this couple, courting by canoe.

{Use of our canoes is part of the rental agreement with our tenants.}

Actually, that's one of our tenants, in one of our canoes.  He has been courting this girl by canoe all summer. We took their picture as we floated by.  Seattle by boat is the best.

You must try it.  It's so laid back, and you see the city in a way you would never see it otherwise.  We drive over these bridges all the time, often stopping when the drawbridges are raised, but it's a whole new world when you're floating underneath the bridges.... and boat houses look way cooler from the water.  I could live happily in one of those.