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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

High Chair Makeover

Several months ago I found this little wooden highchair at a local thrift store.  We do a lot of entertaining at the beach house, and our guests often include babies and toddlers, so a good sturdy highchair has been on our list of things to get.

When I saw the price of this highchair, I knew it was coming home with me.  Are you ready for this?  It was $4.99!  I loaded that baby into my shopping cart!

While it was structurally sound, it was pretty banged up, so I knew it was a perfect candidate for painting. I had some pretty green paint left over from a dresser project, and it was perfect for this high chair.  The highchair did need a good scrubbing -- it had LOTS of dried on gunk.  After cleaning, it got a light sanding, and priming, before the first coat of paint went on.  It took a couple of coats of paint to get good coverage, but I think it turned out great, and it looks pretty cute sitting in the corner of my kitchen.

I would love to pull out the sewing machine and make a new cover, at some point -- or maybe I should just ditch the cover altogether?  What do you think?

I love that with a little effort and creativity, we can create beautiful and functional spaces for our families, without spending a fortune, don't you?

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