Google+ House Revivals: Mums, Peonies, and More Blog Theft

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mums, Peonies, and More Blog Theft

Most of my projects, lately, have been "house" related, but I recently squeezed in a new singed flower design.

Many of you are familiar with the burned edge poppies...

...and the burned edge peonies that I designed last year. 

Well, I've had it in the back of my mind to do a chrysanthemum for quite a while.  I wanted to see if it had already been done, and did some Google searches for burnt, and burned, and singed flowers, and guess what?  Images from my own tutorials were popping up for another blog.  I'm not talking about when other bloggers feature your project, with a link and a credit.  I'm talking about out and out theft.  I would encourage other bloggers to randomly search for content from their own blogs -- especially popular posts, to see if your own content is being hijacked.

I have begun the long process of watermarking my photos, starting with the woven star tutorial (yes, it's been hijacked by multiple blogs).  This doesn't actually stop the hijackers, but it will at least take away their credibility, right? 

For now, I will just make a quick pass over the most popular posts, and watermark the most important images, but eventually, I will need to watermark everything.  It is going to take months.  Seriously.  Especially with two renovations in progress, and several burnt edge chrysanthemums to finish up for our Thanksgiving place settings :)

Here's a peek at the project:

No pressure.  Just a few handmade fabric mums to whip up between painting some cupboards and preparing for house guests.  Easy peasy, right?  What kinds of projects and dishes are you working on to prepare for Thanksgiving? 


  1. Tell me about it...nothing more annoying is there?
    For me everything l do is help yourself but l still get annoyed when it's not linked or recognised
    For anyone trying to make a living from crafts it must be a nightmare
    Sorry to hear you've had problems

  2. That's too bad about those nasty stealing people! Your mums will look pretty though - nice colour combination!

  3. sorry that you are experiencing theft like this.

    your tutorials are fabulous.
    have fun with your flowers.

  4. Sorry this happened to you!! I know how it feels. I found several of my cakes on another website several months ago. They claimed they made them and the whole bit! Another blogger brought it to my attention. I LOVE your fabric peonies, by the way!!

  5. I believe some people think it's harmless, being the anonymous internet and all, but the others don't care. Watermarking is a good idea.
    And... your flowers are beautiful!

  6. Going back and watermarking all your photos is a waste of time. It won't make any difference. People who steal content don't care about integrity. They just want to make money with your good content.

  7. Anonymous, you are so right about the lack of integrity, and their motivation. I guess, my hope is that if people happen upon my content that has been stolen, they can be directed to the content's source by the information on the water mark...

  8. Oh my gosh, those are amazing flowers! So pretty!

  9. Hi Amanda ... I actually just came upon your woven star tutorial on Pinterest ... at least with Pinterest it directly links back to your blog. So sorry to hear about the blog theft ... it's crazy out there sometimes ... integrity is something that seems to be part of the past ... I'm seeing very little of it lately ... Have a beautiful thanksgiving!

  10. What a nasty thing to do!
    I don't have any design ideas or tutorials, but i often wonder if my writing is showing up somewhere else, as I've heard of that happening.

  11. Hi Amanda,

    Love the woven star! Its fab. Hopefully the highjackers are at least linking up to your blog and giving you the deserved cred!

  12. Sorry about the theft. Despicable! Water marking is a great idea. I see that all over the place here in Blogland. Looking forward to seeing your chrysanthemum project. I completely agree with Angela, your tutorials are very good. They make me feel like I could actually do the project myself. My craft-challenged self... ;-)
    Tina @ Life is Good


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