Google+ House Revivals: Thanksgiving Wreaths

Friday, November 11, 2011

Thanksgiving Wreaths

Are you just loving Pinterest?    House Revivals has several boards, organized by categories, such as "staircases" and "mudrooms".
I love having an online bulletin board for storing inspiring images, but Pinterest is also great for searching for inspiration.  Today, I had a few moments while waiting for joint compound to dry at the condo renovation.  I could either pay some bills or surf Pinterest....  Well, the bills won't be late for a couple more days, right?

Today, I was totally taken by these fall wreaths.

LOVE the creativity of the book page oak leaves and the bright fall foliage against the blue door.

This yellow yarn wreath is so cheerful and welcoming.

These rolled felt rosettes are too darling.

Be sure and check out Pinterest, if you haven't been there..., but I have to warn you:  It's addictive.

Happy pinning!


  1. Oh love that mudroom...I do like the boots under the side table..

  2. Thanks for the warning!!! That's why I haven't done much exploring. The bills would never get paid.


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