Google+ House Revivals: Little Notebook Make Over

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Little Notebook Make Over

Recently, I was looking for a little notebook to organize some materials samples and dimensions for the beach house project.  Honestly, when I'm carrying client materials around they are often stapled inside a file folder along with project notes, but for my own little project, I wanted something a bit more special, and to be able to slip it inside a handbag.

This little file folder notebook was a thrift store find.  I liked the size, and didn't mind the pink elastic and the pink file organizer inside, but the juvenile pattern wasn't doing it for me.  Plus, it had price tag adhesive stuck to the cover and was kind of dinged up.

Recently, I embellished some clip boards in various sizes for taking notes on job sites, and for viewing and presenting materials, so I thought it would be fun to make over the little notebook to coordinate with the clipboards.  I haven't actually blogged about the clipboards, yet, so I will only share that little glimpse for now.

This project turned out to be pretty quick and painless, unless you count the almost two episodes of Outer Limits it took to finish....  You can find notebooks similar to this at discount stores and stationers and they often show up at thrift stores.  Start by gently pulling the notebook and the accordion  file from the cover.

I love that these notebooks even have a place for a pen or pencil!

Next, I just covered the notebook cover with vintage book paper, added a little upholstery webbing, and glued the notebook and accordion folder back into place.  So easy!

You can see it's the perfect way to carry small materials samples and sketches, and to keep your notes about your project handy. 

Play around with adding embellishments, if you'd like.

Although I really like how this more dimensional embellishment looks, I ended up going with a little vintage crocheted flower and a flat pink button, so it would tuck more compactly into a purse.  The flower was applied using Mod Podge.

 Which do you prefer?

Plain and more compact?  Or a little fancier and more dimensional?   Wouldn't a vintage brooch be amazing on one of these?