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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

D is for Decks

We're thinking about decks, these days.

Remember these rotted decks attached to our "new" house?

Well, they're gone, now.
 Look at all the trash that was under the deck!  
Quite a bit of it is decomposing, but not the soda 
bottles.  Soda bottles are forever (and here 
I thought diamonds were forever)!

Well, actually, the decks are not gone.  They're right here.

The deck on the ocean side of the house will be repaired.

The porch roof has done a great job of preserving the back decking, so only some repairs and updates are needed here.

We will be adding another small deck over the new garage door (for those of you who are new to this blog, we will be lifting this house nine feet, and adding a new garage under the east wing).

This new deck will open off of a guest room.  Because the house sits on a peninsula, there are ocean views to the west and Bay views to the east.  We want our guests to be able to swing open the french doors in the morning and enjoy the sounds of surf and seagulls, a fresh breeze, and the view of the bay.

Won't you come for a visit?

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  1. Wow how does one lift a house that much or even at all.
    I will be following I am intrigued

    Feel free to pop in

  2. The best of both worlds, ocean & bay views~ how wonderful! Wishing you much luck with your construction :-)

  3. Great blog, thanks so much for coming by mine today, too!! Liz

  4. That's quite an undertaking. We did a deck renovation a couple of years back and I am so glad we did...I now have a 16x20 screened porch with an attached deck. We absolutely love our time outdoors now that we have room to sprawl!

  5. Oh Yes....I'd love to come for a visit, and I'll even bring a hammer! What a fantastic place with the decks overlooking the ocean and bay. I've definately heard of lifting homes as much or more than 9 feet. It's done in South Texas and on the Coast quite often. Good luck with your project. Thanks for your visit today on my Don't Mess With Texas post...Sue

  6. Ummm..yes, I would love to come for a visit..

    What'ya doing next week?

  7. My, that does sound like a house I love to visit. Your guests will be thrilled with your efforts in their honor.

  8. I love this project you are working on. It is so beautiful and I am a big fan of decks. Best of luck completing this awesome project. Invite us for a visit! We could all help out! Sue in Texas is right, hammers, nails, whatever you need!
    Thanks for sharing this divine post! Anne

  9. Your guests will be so lucky to have such a wonderful view. The old deck area really looked like it needed a burial at sea.

  10. How wonderful that will be! And I can't imagine lifting a house 9 feet. I've seen homes jacked up to repair foundations, but nothing close to 9 feet. Yowza!

  11. I'll start packing! I can't get enough of surf and fresh air. La

  12. Wow! that sounds like quite an undertaking! No doubt it will be breathtaking when it's finished though.
    happy thursday : )

  13. Exciting! Looking forward to the new deck photos!

  14. Oh how lovely! Sounds very relaxing and special. Can't wait to come visit!

  15. What a wonderful project this is! Fabulous!

    XOXO Lola & Nora:)

  16. thankfully, the power of cyberspace allows me to stop by for a visit!!! I think this project is going to be amazing when its done!

  17. Count me in...I'll be there :D

  18. Oh I'm so looking forward to seeing your deck! I remember seeing when you first bought it. Changes are exciting!

  19. I bet those decks are going to make a huge difference in how that homes looks and feels.

    A big job, but well worth it!


  20. Wow! Love your projects! Will come back and visit! Am following you on GFC; would love a follow back!

  21. Come for a visit? Will I? I will even do demo for you! I love demo work!

    This project is really coming along. I'm wondering if you found anything cool under the deck?

    Thanks for this wonderful stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday!

    I love watching make-overs in progress.


  22. I love a nice deck? My husband has built a few now but not the one at our home we live in now. He built such a nice one at our previous home that had shade and some sun at times. The deck on this house is in full sun all day and even with the umbrella we can hardly stand to sit on it until the sun goes down. Cannot wait to see how yours turns out. What will you do with the pile of old decking I expect someone would love to use it to make signs ect out of it. Recycle.

  23. Dear Amanda,
    My goodness! What an undertaking! This will be interesting!
    Thank you for stopping by and visitng my D-post 'D is for dog'. Yes, the children had a good time. In fact, they are still on the look-out for dogs that we can take pictures of!
    While they were both at school, I managed to add a third dog to my post.
    Whenever you have time, you are welcome to come back and take another look.
    My cat, Sara, would also like to extend an invitation to visit her ABC-Wednesday-post for the letter M.
    Best wishes,
    Sara Cat sends purrs.

    Anna's D-word Alphabe-Thurs + a third dog

    Sara Cat's abcWED-round-7-M

  24. You'll do a lot of your summer living on those decks, so build exactly what you want and as big as you can!

  25. Amanda,
    Thank you for the kind comments on my blog. I love new followers!!!
    Our kitchen remodel is at a stand still while my husband works a full time job and launches our coffee roasting business. Priorities, right? ;)
    Can't wait to follow your progress on your house.
    Your newest follower,

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