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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

D is for Decks

We're thinking about decks, these days.

Remember these rotted decks attached to our "new" house?

Well, they're gone, now.
 Look at all the trash that was under the deck!  
Quite a bit of it is decomposing, but not the soda 
bottles.  Soda bottles are forever (and here 
I thought diamonds were forever)!

Well, actually, the decks are not gone.  They're right here.

The deck on the ocean side of the house will be repaired.

The porch roof has done a great job of preserving the back decking, so only some repairs and updates are needed here.

We will be adding another small deck over the new garage door (for those of you who are new to this blog, we will be lifting this house nine feet, and adding a new garage under the east wing).

This new deck will open off of a guest room.  Because the house sits on a peninsula, there are ocean views to the west and Bay views to the east.  We want our guests to be able to swing open the french doors in the morning and enjoy the sounds of surf and seagulls, a fresh breeze, and the view of the bay.

Won't you come for a visit?

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