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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Christmas Ornament Inspiration

I really love this time of year.  I know it's not even Halloween, but I'm already thinking about Christmas.  Every year we design and create a new ornament, make a bazillion, and give them out to neighbors, friends and teachers instead of cookies and Christmas candy.  Don't get me wrong,  I love Christmas sweets -- they just don't love me.  So, instead of baking, I create visual confections.  Eye candy.  Pretty little things. Ornaments.

While shopping at a local fabric outlet the other day, I found these.  Little personalized, miniature, magnetic sap buckets.  Just what most of us have always dreamed of owning.....   Right?

They were marked down to $1.88 each, but a sign above said they were 75% off of that price.  Of course, I doubt that Stacey and Nicole want magnetized miniature sap buckets for Christmas.  So, I bought all of them!

I'm feeling some serious inspiration when I look at the creations of Ashley Carter, Goldbug Studio.  Swoon.

Truly everything that comes out of this studio is beautiful...

Whether you're into whites and silvers, or glorious bursts of color, if you like pretty, you will love Goldbug Studio!

So, what do discounted miniature personalized magnetized sap buckets have to do with these scrumptious images, anyway?  Well, here's a peak at what I found at the local Goodwill this weekend.....

 ... these darling little flowers!

And this retro package of glitter.

Sweet little flowers, glitter, some vintage crepe paper from my stash, and some funky little magnets.  I think, when it's all glued together, it will look smashing!  What do you think?

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