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Thursday, October 7, 2010

B is for Bathrooms

Well, we have our own little revival going on at House Revivals.  Remember that partially gutted beach house we bought?

We're expecting the permit for the renovations to be approved very soon.  As is pretty clear from the pictures, the bathrooms were in need of a complete remodel.

We bought the house from a house flipper/contractor who had big plans, but ran out of time or energy or money or something.  He had already removed most of the fixtures and cabinets and some of the drywall from the home, when he decided he coudn't finish the job.

So, we are the proud new owners of a house with two gutted bathrooms and a gutted laundry room.

And now we have some decisions to make.  The space planning has already been done.  The master bath will keep the same layout, since it is functional, and would be expensive to change.  Plus, we need to be careful not to allow this remodel to become more than a "fifty percent" remodel.

The family bath is being moved to the laundry room, and the formerly huge laundry room is shrinking considerably.  The former family bath will become a study.  Now begins the hard fun part -- choosing finishes.

I truly do love this part of design work.  Most interior designers will tell you that only a small part of our jobs is spent picking out finishes.  I love it, but it is soooo hard.  There are just so many beautiful choices out there.

It's much easier to guide a client in their choices than to make the choices for your own life!  

I do know one thing.  Those flagstone floors are GONE.  I wasn't sure if I would be living with them, or not, when I drew the concepts shown above.  But they are gone.  Gone, gone, gone.  And I am gleeful.  So many new options for finishes and colors have now opened up!  Now, I am looking for inspiration.

I am loving this...
and this...
Funny that this bathroom is proportioned and laid out almost identically to ours!  Of course, I'd take these classic finishes over the pink tile and rugged flagstone of our bathroom in a heartbeat!  Having the right finishes makes such a difference.

This is a more traditional bathroom from the same designers.

Photographer Lisa Romerein, source
 And what's not to love about this master bathroom from the Coastal Living Dream House?  This house is actually not too far from our house.  I love this bathroom.  It's so relaxed, but still elegant.  I don't like everything about this bathroom, and how it functions (that's for another post), but I do love the finishes.

So, you can see that we have some choices to make.


  1. I would love to redo my guest bathroom totally. Thanks for peeling wallpaper at least I can get the walls done.

  2. Have fun with that! We're having the outside of the house painted right now, and that's about as much as I'd like to be doing at this time.

  3. I am sure it will be beautiful! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. A beach house! So cool! Good luck with the bathrooms!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!


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