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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

To Make the Impossible Card....

Have you seen these "impossible" cards? I'm not sure whose brainchild they are, but they are super fun.

If you receive one, you will be left scratching your head, wondering how in the world it was made.

The impossible card base is created from one sheet of card stock. It can be made in any size, but below are the dimensions I used.

I started by creating the template, shown above. This is for a 5x7 card. These are the dimensions that I saw MayMay, at MayMay Made it, use, and I liked the proportions and decided to try it for myself. To create your template, cut a piece of card stock to 5x7 inches. Next, draw a line across the card, the long way, right in the center. On one side of the card, draw a line at the halfway point, or 3 1/2 inches from the edge. On the other side of the card draw two lines, each line should be 2 inches from the side of the card, leaving a three inch space between the two lines. You can change these measurements up a bit, once you have the concept down, to suit the card you want to make. Cut a little sliver out of the template where each of the three short lines are. You will use this sliver to trace your template onto a piece of 5x7 card stock when you make the impossible card. You can use the same template over and over.

After you have created your template, lay it over a 5x7 piece of card stock and trace the short lines, with your pencil lead inside those little slivers.

Cut along the traced lines. Score the center line of the card, as shown above. Next, pick up the card base, in two hands, and twist the left half of the card forward and the right half backward... of vice versa.

Now, set your card base down on your work table and start embellishing. The three inch wide section is "popped up", so this is a great card for displaying on a mantle. I matted my card with coordinating paper.  To stabilize your card, glue a strip of card stock (or a die cut) across the front and back of the card base, as shown below.

To choose my color scheme, I started with a stamped image of a typewriter, from CMYK Stamps. Here is a link to the stamp I used. (afilliate)

From there, I found papers and embellishments that coordinated in both color and theme. These included paper flowers and die cut elements. 

I really loaded up the "pop up" portion of the card, so I included a second flower, with double sided strong tape on the back, for the recipient to use to reinforce the back of the pop up, if desired.

The picture, below, shows where the second, optional, flower would be placed.

To give the card, simply fold the top back, and slip into an envelope. If your card has lots of dimension, you will need to upsize your envelope, and possibly mail that in a padded envelope.

I hope this post encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and try something completely different. I probably won't make this card all the time, but now that I understand the concept, it can go into my back of tricks to be pulled out at just the right moment.

Or, to learn how to make a pocket card, click here.

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