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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Barn Door Hardware Guide

We are gearing up for a barn door hardware project at the beach house this spring, and have been collecting ideas, looking at barn door tutorials, and researching where to buy barn door hardware.

There is lots of great information on barn doors out there, so we have compiled a guide with some of the best tutorials and barn door hardware sources we've found.

We've also included some of the most creative installations we've found.  The great thing about hanging door hardware is that you can really use anything -- it doesn't have to be a traditional door.  You might have some wonderful piece of architectural salvage, or some old window shutters, or a huge painting -- there are no limits!

It's amazing how there is a hanging barn door application to fit just about any design sensibility!  Threshold Interiors designed this beautiful eclectic loft.  The red industrial style door is way too cool!

Industrial meets Parisian chic with this set of Louis doors installed on a sliding track -- design by Eleanor Cummings.

Rustica Hardware has a huge variety of hardware styles -- whether your aesthetic leans more toward modern, or rustic, or industrial, or classic, they will have something for you.

Barn Doors Hardware has a line of simple classic hardware and doors.  They offer free shipping on orders over two hundred dollars in the continental U.S!

NW Artisan Hardware has a gorgeous site -- their gallery is like eye candy! You will find tons of inspiration and will find yourself looking around your house for doors to rehang with hanging hardware.

They carry a nice variety of product, and offer detailed photo and video tutorials for installation.

Real Sliding Hardware offers very high quality hardware, including a line of hand forged pieces. Check out their gallery to get a feel for everything they offer!

For a truly authentic vibe, you might try Grainger's selection of hanging door hardware.  It's not fancy, but it will give you a great industrial chic aesthetic!

Gail, at My Repurposed Life, used some basic hanging door hardware from Tractor Supply. She shares her process for hanging the doors here.

Mandi, from Vintage Revivals, shares a sliding barn door hack that is DIY friendly and easy on the pocketbook.

The DIY Network has a terrific tutorial for building hanging barn door hardware.

April, at Wilker Do's, posted a very detailed tutorial for building both door and hardware, for a fraction of the cost of purchased hardware.

Crown Industrial sells flat track and box track hardware.  Their website shows detailed drawings, so you can get a really good idea of how everything goes together.

You will find that there are three types of rails to consider: box, flat, and round. In addition, a popular hack is to use pipe threaded through eyelet bolts, like Mandi did. It's not as smooth to operate, but it is super budget friendly.

Otherwise, your most budget friendly options will most likely be galvanized box rail installations from Grainger or Tractor Supply, or other farm suppliers. Some DIYers have spray painted the galvanized hardware; but as always when painting galvanized metal, keep in mind that the paint may flake if the metal wasn't prepped properly (or if the stars weren't aligned correctly at the time).

If you are looking for specialty finishes, and your budget allows, you may really want to use a specialty hardware retailer.
NW Artisan Hardware

What do you think? Are you going to jump on the hanging barn door bandwagon?

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