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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Painting Interior Doors Black

Sometimes all it takes it just a bit of black to make a space feel more sophisticated.  In the last few years, painting interior doors black has been gaining in popularity.

Painting doors black can be just the right thing to add a little contrast and interest to an otherwise boring hallway, and it can certainly add a feeling of elegance, without seeming precious.

Here are a few ways others have been using black painted doors to spruce up their interiors!

This craftsman interior got lots of bright white paint, but the doors were painted black. In this instance, the black doors help balance the dark brick of the fireplace and the black television screen.

The french doors and window frame were painted black in this pretty living room. The black is a little softer -- more like a very dark charcoal color, and the board and batten is cream colored for a more subtle contrast.

Black closet doors in this bedroom add just the right touch of sophistication, and help balance some of the darker furniture elements.

Dark paint helps these pretty french doors to stand out. The darker value is repeated in the coffee table and the fireplace box.

This bath suite is elevated by the elegant black doors. They contrast beautifully with the crystal chandelier!

In this contemporary bedroom, the door color is referenced by some of the textiles, and by the black bed frame.  I like that the trim color in the hallway, is also black.  Black baseboards are actually very forgiving of scuff marks!

More pretty french closet doors.  Using black, instead of the "expected" white, keeps the room interesting and ties in with the dark flooring.

Sigh..... enough said.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the way real brass hardware looks with a black door!

This gorgeous entryway, from Chapter 37, is the perfect spot for a black door -- you MUST see their before and after pictures!

At Home Happy Home, the doors all got the royal treatment with black paint. So pretty!

A black door sets the stage for this pretty vignette, at A Well Dressed Home!

At Dimples and Tangles, the doors got black paint.  I'm loving the black contrasted with gold toned hardware and all those green mirror frames!

Not every paint project ends well -- for an account of black painted doors that will leave you in stitches, check out this post from House of Hepworths!

Are black interior doors something you would try in your home?

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