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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How to Make {Pretty} Three Dimensional Snowflakes

Here is a fun spin-off of the six-pointed dimensional origami stars I shared about here. If you can make those simple stars (and you can, I promise), you can easily make these sweet little dimensional snowflakes!

I made my snowflakes using six-inch square origami paper that I picked up in China Town, but you can use scrap book paper, or old maps, or vintage book pages.  Just go with whatever you happen to have on hand!

Start with a square of paper, and follow the folding and stapling instructions from the star making post.  In that post you learned to make a simple six-pointed origami star like this one.

To make a snowflake, instead of making a straight cut to create a star point, you can get a little creative, like I did here:

Give your crystal a jagged tip, if you like, and snip into the top to create a pretty pattern.  Then open your snowflake up and glue the sides together, just like when you made the star. This is how mine looked:

This project is pretty enough to please grown-ups, but simple enough to do with your kids!  Have fun, a create a whimsical snowflake garland in cheery colors that will chase the winter gloom away.

Since snowflakes are not "holiday specific", you can decorate with them all winter long.

Disclosure: these things are addictive. Before you know it you will have dozens made. No paper will be safe from your scissors!

As we near the first of the year, I'm already thinking of creative things to do with our tax returns........... wouldn't it be way more fun to make snowflakes with all that paper.....?

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