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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Make a Pretty Pompom Garland from Vintage Book Pages

The other day I shared how to make the world's easiest  word  banner.  In that post, the word banner was layered with a pretty pompom garland.

The pompom garland is pretty simple, too!

It is made from vintage book pages and snippets of vintage fabric, to add texture.

To make your own pompoms from vintage book pages, simply cut lots of little strips from your paper.  Try not to use vintage paper that is super brittle, or it will fall apart on you!  Look for better quality old books with pages that are still flexible and nice.

Make another little pile of strips of fabric (I used some vintage buckram picked up at a thrift store).

Crinkle your strips a bit (so they won't nest flat against each other), and tie several little bundles of strips together. Mix the fabric scraps in with the paper strips. Stack two or three little bundles together to make one pompom. Tie with thread or string and fluff them up as desired.

Glue or tie the pompoms to a piece of ribbon or cord. I used a piece of vintage gold braid.  Easy peasy, I promise. Use to decorate your Christmas tree, or a mantel, or a mirror!

This garland is versatile enough to use year round -- layer it with heart garland for Valentine's Day, autumn leaves for Thanksgiving, and so on! It will add just the perfect amount of texture and interest to your holiday decorating.

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