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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Make This Pillow Box -- Free Print Out!

Mother's Day is just days away! For a special way to package gift cards, homemade cards, or treats, get this free pillow box printable template, below.

What mom wouldn't love one of these sweet hand made gift boxes?
They only take a few minutes to make, and the template can be lengthened or widened to fit your gift.

To make your pillow box, open the link below and print out the template. You can print the template on office paper, and then transfer your pattern to your favorite cardstock, or you can print directly onto your cardstock (if your printer can handle heavier weight papers). Here, I've printed directly onto a sheet of Anna Griffin cardstock.

Next, cut out along the solid lines and score along the dashed lines. Fold the cardstock along the long straight lines to create the pillow box shape. Adhere the box together with strong adhesive, using the tab on the side of the box. Gently coax the top and bottom closed along the score lines.

Add embellishments or ribbons, as desired.

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For another FREE template, click here.
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