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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Make Washi Tape Beads!

If you are looking for a bead project for the kids this summer, you're in the right place. This is a simple project that is so easy, even grown-ups can do it! All of your supplies can be found at the dollar store, as well. Bonus!

Gather up your odd bits of washi tape, lace tape, and ribbon tape and spend the afternoon making pretty jewelry with the kiddos.

To make this project you will need decorative tape, scissors (not the good sewing scissors), and straws. I used skinny stir straws, but you can use fatter straws. Use what you have. Just be sure that the cording you plan to use will fit through the straw, as the straw will form the core of your bead.

Now, begin wrapping your decorative tapes around your straws to create beads. After your beads are wrapped, snip them from the rest of the straw using your scissors.

Sometimes decorative tape adhesive doesn't hold very well, so you may want to add a little white glue to the end to make it extra secure.

String your beads onto some cord to create necklaces and bracelets!

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