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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Creative Blog Business Card Tutorial

A few weeks ago I was able to attend Snap Conference for bloggers. It was tons of fun -- there were lots of conference sponsors who gave out lots of swag, and let us try out lots of new products!

I ordered a new set of blog business cards for the conference, but when they arrived, I realized the fronts of the cards were off-center. It bugged me.
I freaked out a little. I may have developed a twitch.
How could I hand out an off-center business card?

The day before leaving for the conference, I had one of those "ah ha" moments! For heaven's sake, I told myself -- you're a designer. You can fix this. (Nothing like coming down to the wire to get creative juices flowing, right?)

I started by gathering up washi tape and fibers that I thought would work with the business card colors. The idea was to add tassels to one end of each card to balance the card fronts visually. I decided to add washi tape to the back for balance and textural interest.

Next, I made a punch template from a scrap of cardstock. I used this to punch a hole in each card. The punch I used was an inexpensive Harbor freight leather punch I already owned. I love that it "embossed" the edge of the hole for a finished appearance.

After punching all the holes, I turned the cards to the back and added three or four pieces of washi tape.

For the tassels, I cut lengths of fiber in approximate one meter lengths. Each length was folded in half, then in half again,and again. This folded bundle of fiber was then threaded through the punched holes.

Next, a short length of fiber was used to secure the bundle, as shown in the picture below.

Give the fiber a couple of extra wraps for a finished appearance.

Trim the ends of each tassel, and you are finished!

This project could not have been simpler, and helped my business cards stand out at the conference.

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