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Friday, December 19, 2014

Make Fancy Wire Ornament Hangers -- It's Easier Than You Think!

Are you looking for a less humdrum way to hang your special Christmas ornaments?  Those little wire ornament hangers you buy by the package are okay, but why not step things up a notch for your really special ornaments?

These fancy beaded wire ornament hangers are so quick and easy to make. You can literally make dozens in one evening!  You don't need a lot of special supplies, either.
These can be made with whatever beads or old buttons you may have on hand (or skip the beads, for a simpler look).

I had a broken vintage necklace, with gorgeous spun cotton faux pearls. The vintage spun cotton pearls are so gorgeous, they didn't deserve to be hidden away in a box -- I wanted to be able to enjoy them!

For supplies, you will need wire cutters, needle nosed pliers, 18 or twenty gauge wire in the finish of your choice, and beads with a large enough hole for your wire to fit through.  Begin by cutting your wire into six inch lengths. Straighten the wire by running it through your fingers several times.

Next, wrap one end of your wire around a jumbo glue stick or broomstick, or dowel rod. I used a square screwdriver handle for the wire hangers I made for my "spun cotton" icicles.

While the wire is still on the rod, use your long nose pliers to gently bend the remaining wire back at a right angle.

Now remove the wire from the dowel, and use the pliers to create a little spiral on the rounded end, as shown above.

If you are making hangers that will not be beaded, and will be glued directly to your ornament, you are done. The hangers pictured above are the ones I glued to my icicle ornaments (tutorial here).

Add whatever beads or buttons please you. I used my spun cotton pearls, with crystal spacers. If you are doing this project with kids, plastic pony beads or plastic faceted beads work great!

Now, use your pliers to bend the remaining wire back at a right angle again, going in the opposite direction of the top bend.

Now, wrap the remaining wire around a smaller dowel or pen (I used a fat pen).

Use your pliers to twist a little spiral on the end, for a nice finish.  Done and done! How is that for quick and easy?

These would be lovely tied together with a pretty ribbon and given as hostess gifts!

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