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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Vintage Style Spun Cotton Ornaments

About fifteen or so years ago I stopped making cookies to give away at Christmas. Instead, I began making Christmas ornaments to give as gifts. What I discovered was that people were actually grateful not to get yet another plate of sugar laden baked goods.

For a couple of years I made little vintage style spun cotton ornaments. I scoured Ebay, studying vintage spun cotton ornaments. Originally, spun cotton ornaments were made by wrapping an armature with cotton roving, but roving wasn't available where I lived, so I used pulled strips of cotton batting to create my ornaments.

The little outfits were made from cotton batting dyed with KoolAid powder or tea, and with vintage crepe paper.

The faces were made from high quality copies of antique ephemera.

These made lovely little gifts for neighbors and teachers!

I recently ran across a few of the ornaments that I kept.

I still love them.

Do you love vintage and vintage inspired ornaments, too? Let me know if you'd like to see a tutorial for spun cotton ornaments in the future!

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