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Friday, August 29, 2014

The Saddest Post I've Ever Written

We were having a wonderful weekend. Friends were visiting from Colorado, we had hosted an informal house concert for friends and neighbors, there was food and wine and good company -- and Life was Good!

On Sunday morning I was not prepared for the news that a dear friend, sister, and fellow blogger had gone to Jesus. Saturday evening, Tina Downey, who blogged over at Life is Good and co-hosted the popular April Blogging A to Z Challenge succumbed to complications from pulmonary hypertension. She was only forty-nine years old.

Tina adored sunflowers -- she even had a sunflower tattoo!  I bought some sunflowers in her honor this week and keep them on my mantel in remembrance of her sweet friendship and her optimistic outlook on life. Some days, the loss feels so great that to breathe is to weep. Seeing the sunflowers reminds me of Tina's smile and her delight in the beauty around her.

Tina leaves behind a husband and two teen boys, as well as extended family, and many many friends -- both from "real life" and from the blogging community.

I first met Tina in a Bible study when her oldest boy was just a toddler. We hit it off, and soon were planning women's events together, and serving on our church's Women's Ministries Team together. She was truly lovely. She always had something positive to say about everyone. She was kind, she was thoughtful, she was beautiful.

Those of us she left behind are devastated by her loss, but Heaven is richer for her presence.

May we all take a page from Tina's book and never forget:

Life is Good

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