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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Juju Hat Wall Decor Tutorial

Earlier this year I shared a Juju hat inspired wall decor project made from vintage book pages. That project turned out pretty cute, but I wanted to try it again, using a technique that involved lots of scrunching of paper to give the project more texture and dimension.

I still love both wreaths, but I think I love the second wreath just a tiny bit more!

This project begins with an old book and a cardboard base, just like the first juju hat tutorial.

Begin by cutting long "fringes" into stacks of book pages.

Next, separate the sheets, and scrunch them up, as shown.

For the first (outer) layer, glue bunched up and scrunched up fringed pages to the cardboard base (the cardboard base I used is about 22 inches in diameter). Glue this fringe all the way around the base.

Now, take three or four scrunched up pieces and bundle them together and glue those around the perimeter.

Add as many layers as you desire.

For the center, cut smaller fringe, and scrunch it up and glue it in place.

Fill in any gaps with scrunched fringe, to achieve a nice full Juju Hat inspired wall wreath!

Decorate your mantel, or hang it over your bed or sofa!

Be prepared for guests to fall. in. love. with your wreath!  Seriously. Try dressing up the center with an old brooch or some vintage pearls -- or hit the edges with some distressing ink. Have fun with the project and make it your own!

This is a great recycling project, and an easy way to make a big statement on a small budget. If you use an old discarded book, and cardboard from the recycling, this project will only cost about a dollar for the glue!

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