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Friday, November 15, 2013

Six Reasons to Buy a Vintage Appliance for your Home

Over the years, I have loved many vintage appliances.  When it comes to making a statement, buying a retro appliance can give you a great return on investment!  Here are six great reasons to consider a vintage appliance for your home.

Beauty. There is no denying that many antique and retro appliances have style and grace. They make a statement.  While a new professional quality stainless appliance also makes a statement, a vintage appliance makes a statement that is unique to your home.

Quality. Many vintage appliances were made to much higher standards than appliances today.  They are solid, the burners don't (shouldn't) wobble around, the ovens often heat more evenly, and so on.

Functions. A vintage appliance may offer many more functions than a new one. For instance, a vintage stove might have extra burners, or a griddle, or a slow cooker pot.  A vintage refrigerator may have lazy Susan shelving.

Creative Re-purposing.  You may not want a vintage fridge for storing food, but they can  make amazing kegorators!  Another great idea is to fill a vintage appliance with flowers!  I love this planted wringer washer from Sow and Dipity.

Dimensions.  If you are replacing a professional quality appliance or a vintage appliance and don't want to remodel your entire kitchen, you may need to look for dimensions that are not available or affordable in a new appliance. You may find exactly the size you need if you expand your search to vintage pieces.

Budget. Vintage appliances provide the opportunity to make a statement.... On a budget. While you can certainly spend as much as you like on vintage pieces, there are lots of vintage appliances available for a song. For a list of tips on how to find the perfect vintage appliance for your needs, click here.

Have you loved a vintage appliance?  I once had a vintage clothes dryer that had a sticker on the side: Make her's a White Christmas, Buy her a White-Westinghouse Appliance!  Ha ha! What's not to love about that?


  1. Well, I'm not sure about that last beauty but the rest of the vintage sets are beautiful. I'm in complete compliance with your taste and function!

    1. I love that round viewing window on the last one! Very retro, but it's not for everyone. Thanks for stopping in -- I love hearing from my fellow beach house friends!


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