Google+ House Revivals: Reclaimed Wood Projects

Friday, November 29, 2013

Reclaimed Wood Projects

We are trying to decide on a new dining table for the beach house. While we've been making do with a big oval Queen Anne table, from our old Queen Anne bungalow, it doesn't really "fit" in a contemporary rustic beach house. Don't worry,  we won't throw it into a landfill -- we will donate it to a local charity shop when we replace it. We are considering having something custom made from reclaimed wood.

 Do you just love all the gorgeous things folks are making from reclaimed wood?

This simple shelving unit, from Relic Interiors is just beautiful.  I love that patina!

How about a picture frame made from colorful strips of reclaimed wood?  So cheerful!

I love the beachy feel of this mirror frame.

This Etsy artist makes gorgeous starburst mirrors from architectural salvage. LOVE.

This conference table is killing me -- in a good way.

If you like DIY, here is a tutorial for this amazing headboard.

The headboard has an industrial vibe going on -- really fun!

How about making a lamp from from a scrap of reclaimed lumber?

Both the island surface and the floor in this kitchen are from reclaimed wood. Gorgeous!

How fun is this ceiling made from reclaimed flooring!

I love it when reclaimed wood is incorporated into a kitchen design!

How do you feel about using reclaimed wood in your home?  Love it? Hate it? Can't live without it? I'd love to hear what you think!