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Monday, February 25, 2013

Our Newest Make-Over Project

We signed our closing documents today for our newest project!    It's another condo in our building -- right in the middle of a big city, but right on the edge of a lake and wetlands.  The seller signs tomorrow, and hopefully the rest of the closing will go smoothly. (closings are different here -- sellers and buyers don't sit down together, and you usually sign a day or so before the actual closing)

I was waiting to share more on this project till the closing was completely finished, but I was too excited, so here is a peak of the views from the new condo.

I love that this new place has a southwest exposure -- light is kind of a big deal in the PNW.   I look forward to being able to photograph a entire craft tutorial in one afternoon :)

We have a great view of the portion of the marina that is not under the building (our condo hangs out over the water). That boat slip on the end is the boat slip that goes with the new condo.

Too bad that boat isn't included....

This is what we'll see when we walk into the living room in the morning.  On the day this picture was snapped there were three blue herons perched on old pilings in the water.  We also have a pair of eagles, an osprey family, some kingfishers, and many other birds.  I'm looking forward to learning about them all.

More pictures to come!

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  1. I am a realtor in AZ and that is the normal way our closings are handled.


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