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Monday, March 4, 2013

Before Pictures of our New Project

Are you ready to see some interior shots of our newest project?  I can't promise you your eyes won't burn.  This condo has some truly ugly spaces.  Did I mention that there is pretty much not one finish in this condo that I like? 

Here is the fireplace wall.  Somewhere along the line, someone gave it a make-over by tacking on a tiny little mantle that is totally out of scale and out of place.  But, it is a real fireplace, and that cosmetic stuff can easily be addressed.

 This is the bank of windows adjacent to the fireplace wall.  A great view can make up for a lot.

The kitchen was remodeled a few years ago to look sleek and modern.  I don't mind sleek and modern, but not when it shouts IKEA.  Unfortunately, a total kitchen remodel "ain't gonna happen", so we will probably end up changing out the cabinet doors and possibly boxing in the fridge.  I'd also like to knock off that bar.... and get new counters.... and new appliances.... and a new faucet... and a new sink.... and add a pantry.... sigh....  all in good time.....

 The bedrooms are typical.

 Tiny and blah. 

Who doesn't love blue bathroom fixtures?

And I've pretty much always dreamed of someday having this beige linoleum!

I'm actually looking forward to the old brown carpeting.

My sweet old dog is almost seventeen and he is getting frail.  Lately, he has had trouble walking around on our hardwood floors.  His legs start to slide out from underneath him.  The carpeting will add to his quality of life....

We just love this guy so much, and we want him to be comfortable and safe.  Our kitty cat will also enjoy the new place. We took her over there the other day to look around, and she made herself right at home on the sunny deck.

Life is Good!


  1. And the ceiling lights & the oak in the bath..
    Oh well, you pretty much have a blank slate... it will be fun to watch the re-do... : )

  2. I'm sorry if you take offense to this comment; but you sound a bit spoiled.

  3. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Definitely NOT SPOILED!!! An eye to see the beauty before it is revealed to anyone else perhaps...


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