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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Vintage Book Page Woven Stars

I've been getting a head start on Holiday gift making.  Remember the woven paper star tutorials I did a couple of years ago?  Well, I've made a few more -- and I'm working on an updated tutorial.

I found some lovely vintage books at the GW the other day and thought they would make beautiful woven stars to give as gifts.

Watch for the updated tutorial!


  1. Beautiful! I saved your old instructions, but never got to the project...maybe this will be the year! And, I love the use of good will books!

  2. Looking forward your new tutorial.I shared your old tutorial 100 times with all my friends.I made some shimmering stars following your tutorial and came up perfectly.Everyone loved it!Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks! I am hoping the new tutorial will be a bit easier to understand. It's such a great project, costs very little, and can be adapted to any style. I'm glad you enjoyed the old tutorials!

  3. I made several stars from your old tut and still adore them. I use them every holiday and get lots of compliments. THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing them. I hope I don't miss your update. I follow your blog, so I shouldn't, but really don't want to miss what you've come up with now! Hugs!

  4.!!! I really appreciate it...

  5. I work at a newspaper and we have a decorating contest every year. I modified your instructions a little bit to use newspaper and they turned out amazing! I even did a large one for the tree topper.


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