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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fireplace Hearth Ideas

We've been playing with fireplace ideas at our little pied-a-terre, the marina condo in the city.  The "failed flipper" who had this place before us, and before the bank foreclosed, ripped out the hearth and removed the fireplace surround.  For safety reasons, we need to replace the hearth tile as soon as possible.

We brought some travertine tile scraps from our beach house, to see if they will work for a new hearth.

Maybe?  Of course, it wouldn't need to extend quite this far -- our building codes will allow for a sixteen inch hearth, since the fireplace opening is less than six square feet.

We used huge rectangular pieces of travertine in our bathroom renovation, so using travertine for the hearth will help create unity in the overall design. Plus, I think we may have just enough tile.  :)

It's always nice when you can do a project using leftover supplies.  Now, if we can only remember who we loaned our tile saw to....

Have you done any fireplace make-overs?  I would love to see your projects!  Please feel free to link your own fireplace in the comments section :)

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  1. wow, that is so awesome that you have leftover tiles. I think it looks good with those tiles. We haven't had to do a hearth for a fireplace. I created a fireplace surround and mantel for an electrical fireplace (with fake fire), but that's it. And you don't need a hearth with fake fire so...

    I think the travertine will look very nice :)



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