Google+ House Revivals: Wild Pants Lamp Gets a Make-Over

Monday, October 10, 2011

Wild Pants Lamp Gets a Make-Over

Remember the Wild Pants Lamp I shared about here?
Well, the Wild Pants Lamp got another make-over.  Remember Dexter, my one year old side-kick?

Well,  the lamp and the pup had a little collision....

His Mommy tried to fix it with duct tape...

Maybe Gorilla Glue would work better....


  1. oh Dexter ... what a silly pup!!! at least no one was hurt!

  2. Uh oh - time for some lamp inspiration, I guess.

  3. Oh dear.. I have several lamps that look like this currently...
    (the duct tape is kind of funny..) :-)

  4. sad to see your wonderful lamp take a tumble. It was one of my very favorite projects that's ever been linked up at "A Little Birdie Told Me..".

    With your talent and creativity I have no doubt it'll be shipshape and good as new soon.



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